The Story Of Amado Carillo Fuentes, El Señor de Los Cielos (The Lord Of The Skies).

The Life Of The Mexican Drug Lord Who Accumulated A Wealth Of $25 Billion By Smuggling Cocaine Into The United States Via His Fleet Of Nearly 30 Boeing 727 Private Jets.

amado carillo
‘El Señor de Los Cielos’ ( The lord of the skies). Image via

At the peak of his power Amado Carillo Fuentes found himself to be the leader of the infamous Juarez Cartel after he brutally murdered his former boss Rafael Aguilar Guajardo in 1993. He was in control of a drug empire worth a whopping $25 billion and throughout the 80’s and 90’s was deemed to be one of the most dangerous and powerful drug lords in the world. During his final years he was the target of a huge scale man hunt pursuit by the DEA and the FBI, to try and evade being captured he flew to numerous countries such as Cuba and Russia to attempt to seek asylum which proved to be unsuccessful . When he died in 1997 many conspiracy theories emerged due to the abnormal nature of his death causing many to think his death was all an act. This is the life and story one of the most notorious wealthiest drug lords of all time. Amardo Carrillo Fuentes, The Lord Of The Skies…

Amardo Carrillo Fuentes was born on the 17th December 1956 Guamuchilito, Sinaloa, Mexico. He was one of eleven children and was the nephew of the reckless leader of the Guadaljara Cartel, Ernesto Fonseca Carrillo, most commonly know as ‘ Don Neto’ . The Guardaljara Cartel most commonly known for their extreme measures of violence such as beheadings and extreme methods of torture to instil fear into their rivals… and of course their ruthless drug empire. Don Neto would be the figure to introduce young Fuentes into the drug trade by at first sending  him to Ojinaga to oversee Cocaine shipments and to learn about border operations from the fearless Pablo Acosta. Acosta was a Mexican narcotics smuggler who who predominately controlled crime over a 200 mile stretch across the US Mexico border and smuggling on average 60 tons of Cocaine a year into the United States in addition to huge amounts Heroin and Cannabis. He would teach young Fuentes everything he knew in order to become ‘The Lord Of The Skies”.

Pablo Acosta was killed in 1987 following a cross border raid by Mexican Federal Police helicopters, his successor was Rafael Aguilar. The very man Fuentes would go on to assassinate to seize power down the line.

pablo 1
Pablo Acosta, the mentor who would teach Amado Carillo Fuentes everything he needed to know about smuggling narcotics into the United States. Image Via

Rafael Aguilar co- founded the Juarez cartel with Pablo Acosta and was a federal police commander of the ‘Dirección Federal De Seguridad’, a Mexican intelligence agency created on the eve of the Cold War in 1947 with assistance of the CIA as part of the Truman Doctrine Of Soviet Containment. The agency was highly corrupt and was accused of illegal detentions, torture, assassinations and forced disappearances. The agency also had connections to illicid narcotics dealings and assisted many drug cartels in smuggling huge amounts drugs into the United States. The agency also had Mexican cartel members within its ranks, such as Rafael Aguilar himself.

The Mexican Police reported that an official working for the national security agency in Mexico, Carlos Maya Castillo, had been feeding Aguilar inside information about the Mexican police’s operations and had also been providing him with names of a handful of corrupt officers to assist his Narcotics business. Following this news Aguilar threatened to reveal his top inside contacts within the police, this threat was something Fuentes didn’t take accustomed to. Two days later Fuentes assassinated Aguilar in April 1993 and took the reins to the biggest drug Cartel in the world. Following his death the the Attorney General Of Mexico was quick to seize Aguilar’s assets of night clubs and houses that accumulated to over $100 million in value. This was a new chapter of the Juarez cartel’s history emerging…

The Juárez Cartel saw its highest level of profits under Fuentes’ reign. He himself had many luxurious properties such as his beautiful home called ” The Palace Of A Thousand And One Nights” which was worth an estimated $5 million. Fuentes also ran a high tech surveillance operations on rival cartel members and state officials. There’s no doubt that Fuentes was one of the most powerful figures in the whole of Mexico. His name would bring fear to anyone in the country and he had that much power that he was even planning on moving his entire drug operation to the United States. He was infamously known for his army of private jets that would smuggle his cocaine empire into the United States. He seemed to be unstoppable. His Juarez Cartel also tied an alliance together with the ‘Sinoloa Cartel’ and Fuentes himself actually working with his infamous rival ‘ El Chapo’ a lot during the 90s.

Today’s ruins of ‘The Palace Of A Thousand And One Nights’. One of the legacy’s Amado Carrillo Fuentes left behind. Image via

Towards the end of the 90’s Fuentes found himself to be one of the most wanted drug lords in the whole world. He was constantly being chased down by DEA agents day and night none stop. He had become their prime target. In his last 6 months alive in 1997 Fuentes and his organisation were under immense pressure from the DEA. This turned the drug king pin into a paranoid fugitive who reportedly tried to flee to Cuba and Russia and various other country’s in South America but this proved to be unsuccessful. Once it became clear that he could not flee to these countries Fuentes felt like he had been backed into a corner. The pressure was becoming too immense for Fuentes and as result of this he decided to under go facial plastic surgery and abdominal liposuction to change his appearance on July 4, 1997, at Santa Mónica Hospital in Mexico City.

After he had underwent the surgery Fuentes died of complications which were apparently caused either by a certain medication or an malfunctioning respirator, however there is very little paper work about his death which caused many to speculate its legitimacy. Whilst Fuentes underwent the procedure he had two of his body guards present in the room with him and four months later on the 4th July 1997 the bodies of the two physicians who performed the surgery on Fuentes were found cemented in concrete in steel drums. Both of their bodies showed extreme signs of prolonged torture and abuse.

The conspiracy theories surrounding his death quickly began to bubble. Many people believed that in fact Fuentes was not killed at all and had finally managed to successfully flee to Cuba. The little paper work around his procedure raised some flags and so did the actual corpse of Fuentes himself. It looked nothing like him and caused many to believe that in fact the surgery was performed on a poor prisoner in order to make it look like Fuentes had been killed giving Fuentes the perfect opportunity to flee.

Shortly after the funeral his cousin, Sergio Carillo, claimed that “Amado is fine and well, he had surgery and also had surgery practiced on some poor unfortunate person to make everybody believe it was him, including the authorities.” Due to the sheer wealth and power Fuentes possessed it wouldn’t be surprising if he did in fact faked his death and went off the radar.

fuentes 123
Amado Carillo Fuentes corpse. Image via Gettyimages.

Following his ‘death’ authorities seized huge warehouses that belonged to Fuentes’ operation which were used to store weapons and cocaine. They also seized over 60 properties belonging to Fuentes and froze numerous bank accounts belonging to him that all together totalled up to a whopping $10billion. His son Vincente Carrillo Fuentes took over but it would be the Siniloa cartel that would predominantly control the Mexican narcotics market after Fuentes’ death.

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