John Wayne Gacy. The Story Of ‘The Serial Killer Clown’.

A Look Into The Story Of One Of America’s Most Notorious Killers. Who Raped And Tortured His Victims, Then Buried Them Underneath His Floorboards.
john cacy 2
“I should never have been convicted of anything more serious than running a cemetery without a license.”- John Wayne Gacy 1978. Image Via

John Wayne Gacy. A loose monster that caused havoc in his community by kidnapping, raping and killing over 33 (known) young men and boys. He was a man who was living two completely different lives. In one life he was a man who did a lot for the community and gave endless work experience opportunities to young men.  A man who would entertain sick children at hospitals dressed as a clown and host big parties for his neighbours. In his other life he was a sick twisted lunatic who got thrills from murdering and fornicating innocent young boys and burying them under his floor boards. A man who’s disturbed mind even terrified himself in the beginning. This is the story of one of America’s most sinister serial killers to date…

The Story Of John Wayne Gacy.

A Serial Killer’s childhood often reveals the roots of the horrifying acts they commit later in their lives. Gacy falls into this category.

John Wayne Gacy was born in Chicago on the 17th March 1942 and was one of three siblings. His Father was a World War One veteran and abusive alcoholic and would often beat John with a razor strap and mentally abuse him throughout his childhood. His sister , Karen Kuzma, stated in an interview that “John toughened up over the years of physical abuse, to the point where he would no longer cry anymore”. This would only fuel this Fathers rage.

Gacy was hospitalised numerous times during his youth due to a heart problem that he had which limited his capability to exercise. Short, shy and overweight Gacy fell victim to constant torment and bullying whilst growing up. Due to his condition he was also performing badly academically, which would give only give his abusive father another reason to give him grief . Troubling signs within Gacy became more apparent when he was 7 and was accused of molesting another girl with another boy. Gacy himself also fell victim to sexual abuse when a family friend molested him as a child. Gacy’s childhood was merely the brewing of a sick monster waiting to emerge…

When Gacy was 20 he eventually grew sick of living with his abusive father so he moved to Las Vegas, Nevada in 1962 where he became a mortuary attendant. Whilst he as a mortuary attendant he recalled jumping in the coffin of a dead man and fondling him. When John came to his senses his behaviour terrified and confused him which led him to return back home shortly after the incident.

gacy 121
Troubled from a young age. John Wayne Gacy photographed as a child. Photo via

Upon retuning to Chicago Gacy had become rather successful. He graduated from Northwestern Business College in 1963 and soon found work as a management trainee in the ‘Nunn-Bush Shoe Company’. He would eventually go on to become the manager of his department in Illinois. He fell in love with a co- worker (Marlynn Myers) and ending up marrying her in 1964. During his marriage to to Marlynn John became an assistant precinct captain for his local democratic party candidate and become a prominent worker in the Jaycees (The United States Junior Chamber) which was a non-profit organisation who’s goal was to provide opportunities for young men to improve on their personal and leadership skills. John became a well known figure within the organisation and had risen to the position of vice-president of the Springfield Jaycees in 1965. Despite all of this, John skill had a dark patch within him that would only get bigger as time went on…

gacy wedding
John Wayne Gacy pictured on his wedding night 1964. image via

The first known criminal offence took place in 1967. This is when Gacy’s dark personality first made itself known to others. He lured a fellow Jaycees’ son into his house and proceeded to sexually assault him. Over the next few months John would continue to lure boys into his house and abuse them. This continued until one of the petrified boys, Donald Voorhees, told his father what Gacy had done to him. The police were immediately informed and Gacy was arrested, though the police found no conclusive proof so indicted Gacy on the sodomy charge.

Infuriated that he had been caught Gacy hired one of his employees to physically assault Donald Voorhees to stop him testifying against him. Donald once again went to the police and Gacy was arrested again and was convicted of sodomy in December 1968 and received a 10 year sentence at Anamosa State Penitentiary. Disturbed and disgusted by her husbands offences Marlynn filed for a divorce.

John’s reputation in the public eye was tarnished, but this would’t be the last we would hear from him…

‘The Serial Killer Clown’. Image via

Gacy proved to be the ideal prisoner whilst he was locked up. He was released on parole after only serving 18months of his 10 year sentence. Something that would prove to be a huge mistake down the years. He returned to Chicago but located himself in a different area where his reputation as a paedophile wasn’t known to the public. He built up a good relationship with the community by throwing parties for the neighbours and entertaining sick children whilst dressing as a clown. Oblivious to those around him John was living a sinister second life where he was murdering and raping children. He had conned his Mother and new Wife into thinking he was a newly reformed man.

His relationship with his new wife deteriorated when he came out as bisexual. She filed for a divorce in 1976 which , like the first divorce,  tattered his reputation. It was around this time people had been speculating the weird aroma coming from his house. This is when the rumours of him molesting children had really gained attention of the community. When a young boy called  ‘Robert Pieste’ went missing it was all over for Gacy.

Robert Pieste had told his parents that he was visiting a local contractor about a job opportunity. He never retuned. This was the final life that Gacy would take. Roberts Mother notified the police about his disappearance  and the police ruled out the possibility that Robert had merely just ran away as it appeared he had no reason to do so. His relationship with his parents was fine, he didn’t appear to be distressed at all. The police knew something was up. There had been speculation that the contractor Robert met was in fact John Wayne Gacy. Due to this the police obtained a warrant to search Mr Gacy’s home on December 1978, what they would find would leave them mortified.

The horrific smell alone upon arrival at Gacy’s house was more than enough to convince the detectives that Gacy was guilty as sin. After searching around for the source of the smell detectives were left stunned to find numerous corpses buried beneath the floorboards. Gacy had tried his best to cover up the smell by laying down concrete over the bodies but this simply didn’t work. Gacy protested his innocence at first but the overwhelming evidence built up against him eventually led to his confession. He admitted to killing and raping between 20-33 men/boys between 1972-1978 though it is thought that this number is considerably higher. Police eventually managed to locate the body of Gacy’s final victim , Robert Pieste, in the Illinois river in April 1979.

What Happened To Gacy Following All Of This.

Gacy’s trial started in February 1980 and was charged for the murders over 33 people. His defence tried to claim the grounds that Mr Gacy was clinically insane whilst committing the murders and wasn’t in control of his own actions. However the Jury came to the verdict that Gacy was guilty on sane charges, not insane. He was sentenced to death for 12 of the murders on 13th March 1980. He spent several years on death row and was finally executed by lethal injection at Stateville Correctional facility on the 10th May 1994.

His final words before being executed were. ” Kiss my ass, you’ll never find the rest”.

To this day police are still trying to recover the remains of some of the victims.

gacy excavaton.jpg
John Wayne Gacy’s house of hell excavation, December 1978- January 1979. Image via



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